Questions: Do we understand our world as it is based on how we have experienced the impact of actions/choices? 

Watching the Jungle Book and reviewing the scene of the snake with the boy. She talks about the definition of man and the red flower. The red flower that is warm,  bright but destroys is fire. That fire was set because of a mistake. The man was being attacked by the tiger and led him out of the cave and into the jungle. The fire he held caused warmth, brightness and destruction. 

For me, this causes me to want to show many perspectives and variants of the truth. 

Chinese proverb: my truth, your truth, the truth. 

The more exposure my students have, the more informed they are to make generalized conclusions about their world. Hopefully they realize that like in assumptions, generalizations don't get us where we need to be. There's too much guess work in the past, present and future. Once we acknowledge how much we don't know and settle with that ignorance, the better off we will be? But once again, I don't know. I am only speculating. 

Want to hear more thoughts?....

The Object Stares Back - Book Review 


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