Teachers College Courses

Artistic Development of Children (Autumn 2020)

Professor Judith M. Burton (Jamie Song, TA)

Childhood to Adolescent Response Study

Class Notes

Reading Notes

Research Methodology (Spring 2021)

Professor Ami Kantawala (Aimee Ehrman, TA)

Final Paper - Proposal of a Design Study - "Student Agency through Art Activism" by Kandice Stewart

Mid-Term Paper - Grappling with Theoretical Framework - Joni Boyd Acuff by Kandice Stewart

Rough Draft - Letter to Friend - "Reaching the Unreachable" by Kandice Stewart

Drawing Intensive (Summer 2021)

Professor Tara Geer (Carianna Arredondo, TA)

Virtual Gallery - Drawing Class Exhibition

Kandice Stewart's Drawings from Class

Proseminar I (Autumn 2021)

Professor Ashley Mask 

Reading Notes

Proseminar II (Spring 2021)

Professor/ Director Olga Hubard

Reading Notes

Artistic Development of Adolescents to Adulthood (Spring 2021)

Professor Judith M. Burton (Kandice Stewart, TA)

Digital Notebook


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