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Kandice Stewart Bio Kandice Stewart is an instructor and educator for a charter school in Harlem, NY where she uses her artistic abilities and connection to community to close the achievement gap for students in disenfranchised communities.  Through her motivation, compassion, and love, she is able to create opportunities for students to share their voice.  Kandice Stewart began art-making at a very young age where she would create visual books about her family and even designed clothes for her dolls. Her heightened interests in the arts led her to attend the High School of Fashion Industries where she majored in Art & Design. At the top of her class, she earned several art awards for her focus in art history. Kandice Stewart continues to inspire all of her students through Art academically as well as personally.  She currently teaches elementary through junior high school. While Kandice Stewart is an artist, teacher, wife, and mother, she is essentially a beam

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