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We Are Making History

Part 1

Black Lives Matter: Graduation

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy!

At the beginning of the year, a student approached me wondering how she could continue to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s memory. So, we created a mural to represent his image and legacy to grace the front entrance of our school. 

How We Did It!

Step 1: Find a powerful image while meditating on words of power. We settled on this one: 
Soul Force: Remembering the Word and Wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr.

Step 2: Pick a resting place! At first we chose a cut out of a white cardboard that would have been sturdy, but not impactful. Luckily, things worked out for the sake of art and we changed up our plan. We chose 4 canvases (18x20").

Step 3: Map it out! We divided his image into four quadrants. Each quadrant was proportional to a canvas. My student and I sketched out our design until all four canvases were complete!

Survival Unit 2018-19
Students created collages best on personal, collective, or fantasy narratives with a special focus on the topic of Survival. 

Copy&Paste the link for video display - Finale: 


Survival: Divorce

Survival: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Speech

Survival: Apartment Fire

Survival: 9/11 Twin Towers

Survival: Migration represented by the Statue of Liberty

Survival: Middle School Perspective on Identity

Culture Unit 2018-19
Students created artifacts that represented various people groups around the world. Students studied, researched and celebrated the 4 Corners of the World: Japan, Africa, Latin America, and Native American peoples. 
(No specific reason for these specific places. I thought the kids could benefit learning about these "corners" of the world. Each year should be a different location.)
Contributions Made by:
Latin American Festival Masks - 2nd and 4th grade
Latin American Board Decor - 8th and 6th grade scholars
African Paper Masks - 4th grade
African Clay Masks - 8th grade
African Bead Baskets - 6th grade
Native American Dreamcatchers - 7th grade
Native American Famous people - 2nd grade
Japanese Manga - 7th grade
Japanese Kirigami and Shodo - 8th grade
Japanese Architecture - 6th grade


Photo Display of Japan: Past and Present


Famous Architecture



African Masks
Tribal Map

African Beadbaskets

Close Up

Native American Peoples

Historical and Famous Native American peoples
Photo Display of Native Americans: Past and Present


Latin America

Latin American Masks
Popular Latin Foods
Photo Display of Latin America: Past and Present


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