Betty Yu and Objectivity


Betty Yu did an excellent presentation today about how to engage our communities and fight alongside them using creative and somewhat "simple" approaches to their efforts. Yes, protests, signage and flyers are obvious ways to expose and invite. She added making bulletins, videos, interactive timelines, holding protests, holding focus groups/forums, interactive computer software/devices and creating online resources for people. 

She highlighted that the central principle is accountability. We have to do what is necessary not for ourselves, but for the bigger picture and the communities we serve. It was very inspirational. 

What I enjoyed best about Betty Yu and her showcase was that family, culture, and honesty are at the center of how she highlights issues and discusses the nature of the topics presented. Life is so messy and there are so many factors involved in the combination of who we are, how we live, and why we are the people we are. Betty Yu did an amazing job of breaching these topics in authentic ways and as I said before...inspirational. 

Best line of the evening: there's no such thing as being objective


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