Every Journey Starts with a Beginning

This is NOT my first ever created image, but I mark this as my first awareness that I can do anything within the realms of art and emit meaning. This photographed image of my framed drawing is of my grandmother. I sat in front of her one day in her bedroom and drew her as we watched the news and discussed "the times." My grandmother is always one to be cold, so she usually drapes one of her light blankets ever so gently across the band of her shoulders, rests her tender hands on her knees and sort of leans towards the television (located of screen). I first drew this image with regular graphite pencil (2B) and then choose some of my depleting markers (now more magically connective then ever) to fill in the color. I thought about vivid colors that spoke to who she is - American - Black American - firey, yet sweet, passionate, yet reserved. I colored in my image of her keeping in mind her common dress of jeans, the symbolic red strips speak to her Americanism and patriotism, but her spotty brown, yellow and red white shirt underneath speak to her allegiance. I cut out her silhouette including the edge of her bed where I normally find her sitting daily. I pasted her silhouette on top of one of her dishwashing cloths (borrowed - indefinitely). 

I Love My Grandma, 2003
marker on paper on cloth 
7.5 in x 9.5 in


  1. I thank you for sharing what you see when you see Grandma, my Mom. I share in that vision which took me to those moments when I talk with her about everything and yet about nothing. Oftentimes I wonder if she were still with us, would she still be doing the same thing, probably... but that's okay it's who we know her to be. I love your Grandma too. Wishfully thinking about those times.

    Her daughter, Karen (Third eldest)

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