Focused and Fundamental

 Professor Burton is amazing and much of what I am about to process is credit to her advice shared in class and in her book, Guide for Teaching and Learning. In a section of the book, she discusses the value of thinking about objectives that are focused and fundamental. She breaks down objectives based on 4 main focuses: Materials, Subject Matter, Art Concepts and Techniques, and Appraising and Critiquing. 

Objectives should be tailored to the specific learning need and, yet, be broad enough to build. 

I am thinking about the difference between personal and impersonal objectives a lot these days. Students will be reading the book All American Boys. It is a discussion about race, police brutality, and the varying perspectives of two teenagers experiences in America. 

For our Arts Integration curriculum, I will be working with the ELA teacher and there are multiple ways to approach the work. First, I think about the kind of conversation I want to have with the students in comparison to her. If she will be discussing excerpts from the story and evaluating how the characters feel and their motivation, I need to provide space for them to think about themselves and their personal motivation. 


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