Kandice Stewart

NYS Teacher Certification, Visual Arts K-12 (Professional)
NYS Teacher Certification, Grades 1-6 (Professional)
NJ Teacher Certification, Standard Visual Arts K-12

Columbia University Teacher's College, 2020 - NY
Ed.D Concentration in Art and Art Education Curriculum and Teaching

Milligan College, 2011 TN
BFA Concentration in Studio Arts/ Art History
Honors Society & Betty Goah Scholar 3.4 GPA

Fordham University, 2016 NY
Masters in Education
Summa Cum Laude 3.96 GPA

High School of Fashion Industries, 2007 NY
Regents Diploma Major in Studio/ Visual Arts
Salutatorian, Fine Arts Award & Mathematics Award 3.9 GPA
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Educator Programs
The Academy for Teachers, NY - Presenter
Social Emotional Learning (Teacher + Student) - University of Colorado
National Art Education Association, School of Education at California State University
Modern Art & Ideas: Thematic Units - Museum of Modern Art
Healing with the Arts - University of Florida

Metropolitan Museum of Art Met Professional Learning Community Educator Fellow
New York, NY                       07/19 - Current

DREAM Charter School Department Chair + Visual Arts/Inventions Educator, Grades 2-8
New York, NY                       08/17 - Current

iTutor Instructional Consultant + Visual Arts & Art History Educator, Grades K-12
Remote                                 01/19 - Current

ArteVino Studio Cranford Art Instructor, Ages 4 - Adult
Cranford, NJ                        12/18 - Current

Muse Paint Studio White Plains Art Instructor, Ages 4 - Adult
New York, NY                       02/17 - 05/18

PS 536 - Department of Education ELA Teacher, Grade 4 (Solo IEP classified classroom)
New York, NY                       08/16 - 07/17

Teach for America/ Democracy Prep Charter Elementary Teacher, Grades K & 4 (ICT Classroom)
New York, NY                       08/14 - 06/16

Coaching & Development as Department Chair of MAPS (Specialists) 
Cross-curricular Art Integration & STEM/ STEAM Development and Implementation
Consistent Highly-effective teaching practices for ICT, General Education, Gifted & Talented as well as 1-on-1, small group, and lecture hall instruction
Portfolio Development
Marketing and Exhibitions
Female Empowerment Groups

Pedagogical Approaches: Balance Teacher-Centered and Student-Centered Approach (20:80)
Open-ended Instruction                     Integrated Learning TAB
Inquiry Learning                             Differentiated Instruction
Experiential Learning                      Cooperative Learning
Assessment/ Evaluation                    Peer Teaching
Locus of Control                              Kinesthetic Learning

Communication & Interpersonal Skills
Work with grade teams to analyze data, revise practices, norm on initiatives, and discuss students with a solutions-oriented mindset
Actively engage and offer weekly feedback with colleagues, Academic Deans, and/or Principal
Excellent family engagement relations

Management Skills
Coordinate and manage small to large-scale school-based events
Create systems for exceptional effort and growth, both emotionally and academically
Set and maintain high expectations by building meaningful relationships with students
Ownership over the classroom management and systems with an “always improving” and “assume the best” mindset

Teaching Abilities
Implementation of Common Core-aligned curriculum along with the National Core Arts 
Create assessments that will successfully measure academic progress
Analyze assessment data and fluidly adjust where needs arise

Comfortable learning environments
Systematic work environment for the art studio
Exhibitions and Gallery Shows
Unique opportunities to celebrate student work throughout the school
Technical Studio Skills List

Untitled, 35mm Black & White Photography Untitled, Colored Pencil Drawing
  Replica of Edward Hopper,
Acrylic Paint 

Fine Arts: Applied Arts:
Printmaking Illustration
Photography Graphic Design
Ceramics Commercial Art
Painting Interior Design
Mixed Media
Architecture (Drafting + Miniature Construction)
Fabric Art
Fashion Design (Drafting + Miniature Construction)


What’s Working “Art Edition” “Everything Written in Pencil,” The Academy for Teachers, 2020

Virtual Exhibition, “The MetPLC Presents: Past, Present, Future”, DREAM Charter School + Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2020

“Site-specific Art with Edmund de Waal” “Survival Art,” The Academy for Teachers, 2019

Exhibition, Culture Fair + Social Justice Art, DREAM Charter School, 2019

Exhibition, Art Aestheticism, DREAM Charter School, 2019

Exhibition, Culture Fair: 4 Corners of the World, DREAM Charter School, 2018

Presentation/Lesson, Survival: Diverse Mentality during the Age of Advertisement, DREAM Charter School, 2017.

Capstone, “Connecting Theory, Practice and Reflection,” Fordham University, 2016.

Research Presentation, “What is needed in Urban Education?” Fordham University, 2016.

Presentation, “Ethnic Autobiography,” Fordham University, 2015.

Research Presentation, “Literacy Journey,” Fordham University, 2014.

Presentation, “Arts Faith Culture,” Milligan College, 2011.

Exhibition, “Big Black City Girl in Small White Town,” Milligan College, 2011.

Extended Professional Developments
Master Class: Betty Yu "Activist Art: Theory and Practice", The Academy for Teachers
The Teacher’s Social and Emotional Learning, University of Colorado
SEL for Students: A Path to Social Emotional Well-Being, University of Colorado
Expanding SEL, University of Colorado
Teacher SEL: Programs, Possibilities, and Contexts, University of Colorado
SEL Capstone, University of Colorado
National Art Education Association:
Working with Students Dealing with Trauma and Crisis: Stories from Art Teacher Survivors
Differentiated Art Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities
Visual Journals: Authentic Meaning Making In and Out of the Classroom
Going Deeper With Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB)
Maximizing the Museum Experience: Tips for Successful Field Trips
Solutions for Using Art to Teach Writing Skills: Integrate Literacy and Art Like a Pro!
Constructing Curriculum with the Smithsonian
Cultural [Mis]Appropriation: Permissions for Honoring Cultural Ownership in Art Education
Lesson Plan: I, Robot [Presented by Blick Art Materials]
Philosophy & Art, The Academy for Teachers
“17 Minutes” Theatre + Debrief, The Academy for Teachers
Public Monuments Tour, The Academy for Teachers
The Salmagundi Club + Atelier Art
Citywide Visual Arts PD
Mindfulness and Yoga in the Classroom, The Academy for Teachers
Site-specific Art with Edmund de Waal, The Academy for Teachers
Metropolitan Museum of Art: Breaking the Rules Educator’s Workshops
Metropolitan Museum of Art: Beyond the Visual Educator’s Workshops
AP Art History & AP Studio Art
Therapeutic Art - Healing through the Arts 
New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) Arts and Music Integration Workshop PD
Harlem Village Academies PD: Project-Based Learning Series

Americans for the Arts 2020 Convention                                                     Summer 2020
Emerging Leaders Scholarship Winner of 2020 Convention Public Art in Civic Design

Teach for America                                                                                           Corp 2014
Mission: “To enlist, develop, and mobilize as many as possible of our nation's most promising future leaders to grow and strengthen the movement for educational equity and excellence.”

AmeriCorp Grant                                                                                            2014-2016
Federal funding while seeking teacher certification

Betty Goah Scholar Diversity Award                                                            2007-2011
Affirmative Action to Highly-Qualified Undergraduates


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